Thursday, May 3, 2007

Watching Thursday's Practice

We've been let in for another controlled 20-minute scrimmage, very similar to what we saw yesterday.

No Tanisha Wright and Jason from the practice squad is playing with his male peers instead of handling the point for the Storm, so it's Katie Gearlds and Izi Castro Marques with ballhandling duties.

It's only a preseason game, but Tully Bevilaqua is looming. Coach Donovan stopped the action at one point to make sure the other perimeter players know they're going to need to come to the ball to give Katie some help when the former Storm backup presses up defensively.

Gearlds herself definitely looks aware of what she's in for. She's making a conscious effort to work the ball ahead to the wings.

Izi misses a jumper off the dribble and then lets out an exasperated sigh before making the saddest face she is capable of. She made a great play in transition, putting on the jets in the open court before finding Shyra Ely for a layup.

Very nice finish by Ashley Robinson off-balance going away from the basket, as she banked it up and in off of an inbounds pass. I don't know if she would have made that shot a year ago.

Wendy Palmer is playing some small forward today. There was talk of her potentially finishing games alongside Lauren Jackson and Janell Burse in a big lineup when Palmer first came to the Storm, but I can't say I ever recall seeing Wendy at the three before. The lack of depth on the perimeter means she needs to play some time there right now.

Izi seems frustrated today, though her speed in the open floor has changed the game. After missing the front end of a one-and-one that could have ended practice, she's had turnovers on two straight possessions.

After three players missed, Ashley Robinson completes the one-and-one - with the assistance of the glass on her first attempt - and we're finished. That should be helpful for Ashley's confidence at the line.

More after media availability.

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