Friday, May 11, 2007

Odds and Ends From Thursday's Practice

The news that Francesca Zara will not be coming to Seattle and the Storm's roster is almost set dominated yesterday's practice report and story. A few things that might have fallen through the cracks:

- Betty's back. Lennox practiced for the first time with the Storm this season after playing in Tuesday's game at Connecticut.

"If I could just get a few hours of sleep, that would really help," Lennox said. "Other than that, I'm excited to be back in Seattle. I'm excited to be back in the United States, first of all."

Lennox sprained her right ankle at the start of the Polish Finals. Since her team had four American players, that meant her team sat Lennox down and she did not see any action the rest of the way. Lennox re-twisted the ankle on Thursday, but later returned to practice.

- Katie Gearlds is human. The Storm's first-round pick, who has shot the ball so well during training camp, was just 2-for-14 from the field in her first two exhibition games.

"The game in Indiana - total wash," said Donovan. "She's starting at point guard, out of position, against Tully. The game at Connecticut, we're looking at that as more of an evaluation. She did a good job coming off the bench, playing more of her role, more of her position, but she's still a rookie and that's still really clear."

Gearlds' reputation as a shooter clearly preceeds her.

"She's a focal point," Donovan said. "She checked in the game, Connecticut double-teamed her as soon as she touched the ball. That's how much respect they have for her shooting. It's like 'Welcome to the WNBA.'"

With Sue Bird due back to Seattle over the weekend, Gearlds' point guard days are nearing an end, at least for now. Donovan still has interest in using her at the position down the road, but doesn't see it happening much, if at all, this season.

"It's got to be against the right team," explained Donovan. "It's not going to be against Tully. It's going to be in the right situation where we can set her up for success."

- Donovan is ready for Sue and Lauren to get back. One of the things we talked about last week in the discussion of lessons from camp was how much less has been said this year about "When we get Sue back ... ." Now that the Storm superstars are so close to arriving, however, Donovan is clearly pining for them.

"Once we get everybody back in their roles," she said, "a lot of things are going to take care of themselves."

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