Friday, May 18, 2007

Fun Tidbit

In a story in the LA Times, Lisa Leslie plants the seed again that she could return in August instead of missing the entire season, as was initially reported.

The more surprising tidbit, however, is this:

"I know my heart and what I want to do," the three-time WNBA most valuable player said, adding that she and husband Michael Lockwood would name their daughter Lauren.

How about that?


Online Zen Doctor said...

Is that because of the respect Lisa has for Lauren Jackson or just because she likes the name or is it a family name? (Maybe they have a tradition of "L's" like Lisa). ?
- Zen Doc

Anonymous said...

WOW! If you would've asked me what Lisa was going to call her baby, I would've guessed eveything but Lauren. They may be rivals, but they do respect each other. In all, I would guess that is just a rumor, but who knows for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin that just shows how much Lisa respects lauren!I also think Lisa has alot of Class.and is a Great player and I hope she comes back in August so we can see her and Lauren in another great battle!