Saturday, May 19, 2007


That says it all, doesn't it? A couple of additional things to add from tonight's Live From Press Row:

- The brilliant, talented and ever-helpful Paul Swanson of the Minnesota Lynx created a PDF of the box score from just the 44-9 run. It is remarkable to behold. The Storm went a quarter and a half without a turnover while forcing seven by the Comets. Not one, not two but three Storm players outscored Houston during that stretch (the big three of Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird and Betty Lennox).

Also, and I hate to keep harping on it because she's obviously incredibly talented and this was a lot to ask of a rookie in her WNBA debut, but Ashley Shields was not very good. She missed all eight of her shot attempts during the run, hitting only one free throw. Ashley Shields should not have more attempts than Tina Thompson (six) and Sheryl Swoopes (four) down the stretch.

- Anne Donovan pointed out postgame that the Storm had success forcing Shields to her left hand and trapping her when she ran pick-and-rolls. Other WNBA teams probably already have this in their scouting reports.

- I didn't mention it during the game, but Comets owner Hilton Koch was in the house. Koch was very low-key - when he first came up to the broadcast location to do a halftime interview with Houston brodcaster Craig Ackerman, I thought it was a Comets fan. He was significantly more downcast when I saw him after the game.

- The Storm's broadcast also featured a halftime interview with the owner, Professional Basketball Club, LLC Chairman Clayton Bennett (taped this morning). Click here to listen to that.

See you at the Key Wednesday!


Online Zen Doctor said...

Wow!!!! That was a completely incredible game. I have never seen that big a turnaround at the end of a game. Just when I thought the Storm had gone brain-dead to fall behind by 22, they came charging back 7-0 to give us all hope that they were going to pull this one out and boy did they pull it out!! We were all screaming our lungs out and jumping up & down and the Key was really rockin'. I'm not sure if I've seen that many pumped up fans for that long at any of the Sonics' games. Izi was phenomenal (I guess this really will be her breakout year), LJ was as incredible as ever (especially her 50-foot swish to end the game), Betty was definitely money down the stretch, Ashley totally held her own - she and T were tenacious defenders, and Wendy looked great for the 4 minutes that she was in there. It wasn't a great game for Sue but she played well in spurts, JB was hampered by her shoulder again, and I don't think we had enough time to evaluate Katie, Tye, or Shyra. But the game left me salivating about all the possibilities with this team.

I was also very impressed with how intimate Key Arena is when you close off the 200 level. It's really a special feeling. I had a great vantage point from 4 rows behind the Storm bench. It was really like a playoff game, although I'm sure we'll all be that much more rabid come playoff time. No wonder opposing teams hate to play here so much. We (the fans) really spurred the Storm on and overwhelmed and intimidated Houston. Nice work! Everyone should take a bow. I'm really looking forward to Wednesday and our next opportunity to help the Storm put another one in the win column. Make sure you tell everyone you know how exciting and fun the Storm are!
- Zen Doc

Sidheag said...

I agree 100%, but don't forget to mention our 4th new big, Izi, because without her 25 points the last quarter would not have mattered.


Anonymous said...

there is nothing like the fan base during a STORM game. I have Season Tickets in the first row right behind the courtside seats (next to Betty's Brother) I was wearing my KATIE GEARLDS PURDUE JERSEY I had custom made and I stood for the entire second half. Of course we pretty much had to stand for the first 4 minutes because we couldn't score...but none-the-less it was a great atmosphere. The girl in front of us was fantastic. She didn't sit, I didn't sit, my brother didn't sit...ect. Every time Bird had a chance for our first second half lead I would scream BIRD BIRD BIRD as the ball hit short. The one time I shut my hole she gave us the lead! I came home voiceless and would rank that game as high as the Connecticut-Storm game in 2005.(a 90pt a piece shoot out!) It only gets better for me because I can't wait to cheer my Storm and my Mercury! I love both teams and the Key better be rockin' for another classic!