Tuesday, May 1, 2007

JB is Back

Janell Burse arrived in Seattle last night and practiced today for the first time. Afterwards, she told the media she's glad to be back in the United States after spending her off-season in the Czech Republic and happy to have rejoined the Storm.

Anne Donovan is equally happy to see JB and said she looked very good in her 2007 debut

With Janell in camp, the Storm now has most of its post players here, Lauren Jackson being the notable exception. The perimeter spots remain thin, as Tanisha Wright is day-to-day and a few days away from being able to practice or play. Her status for Saturday's game at Indiana remains very much up in the air.

A reader asked about the status of JB's left shoulder, which forced her to miss seven games last season. She said she has really strengthened the muscles in her shoulder. It did slip a couple of times during the season, but the injuries weren't as big of an issue as when she hurt it during the Storm's campaign.

I asked JB about her first impressions of Katie Gearlds, and they were similar to everyone else who has been around the Storm's training camp.

"She didn't miss a shot," said Burse. "I don't remember her ever missing. I was like, 'Wow, she really is a good shooter."

Previously non-committal, Coach Donovan said today that if Shyra Ely makes the team, it will be as a perimeter player. That makes the battle between Ely and Barbara Turner - the subject of today's Audio Camp Report from Alan Horton - even more clear.

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Lildii06 said...

I like what I've heard about Ely, but I hope she doesn't take barbs spot because last season barb looked like she had already grown alot since playing college ball.