Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Practice Observations

We got a chance to watch a 20-minute controlled scrimmage against the practice squad today. By controlled, I mean it wasn't completely live, with Coach Donovan frequently stepping in to provide some instruction as needed and call some plays.

Donovan's focus right now is clear. She continues to emphasize the glass, especially against the practice squad, and stopped a copule of times to point out how much she liked a post-up option. Anne is still a post player at heart and loves to get those looks. With Katie Gearlds at the point - she played there almost exclusively after Corey from the practice squad was injured, forcing Jason from the Storm's lineup back to the male fivesome - there are constant mismatches to be exploited.

The guys won the scrimmage 38-35, taking advantage of the offensive glass and a quickness advantage - this was a smaller practice unit than we've seen in the recent past.

You do occasionally notice that Katie is not used to playing point guard. On one rebound, it looked like she headed upcourt, as she would as a wing, before realizing she had to come back to get the ball. Overall, she's doing well and continues to shoot the ball very well.

Wendy Palmer is still working her way back into game shape after so long off because of her Achilles injury, but her ability to finish around the bucket gives the Storm a dimension that was lacking last season when Lauren Jackson and Janell Burse were off the floor.

More after media availability.

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