Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In the Zone

With a full week off between games against San Antonio, the Storm is getting a chance to go through a second training camp of sorts with four practices (Thursday will be off).

Today saw the team work on zones, both on offense and defense. During the part of practice the media saw, it looked like pretty standard 2-3 looks at both ends, but Coach Donovan did mention afterwards the team had worked on other zones.

Zoning defensively against the Storm should be more difficult this season with the improved long-range shooting of Iziane Castro Marques and Betty Lennox. So far, the Storm is hitting better than 40% from downtown. Combine that with two great offensive rebounders in Janell Burse and Lauren Jackson and a conventional zone stands the risk of getting picked apart.

Tye'sha Fluker suffered a right thigh contusion and was limited during practice.

Sue Bird drew some smiles when she dusted off the old between-the-legs bounce pass to try to save a ball headed out of bounds while the Storm was scrimmaging the practice squad.

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