Thursday, May 31, 2007

Turner Joins Comets

After a week's worth of rumors, Houston has officially signed former Storm forward Barbara Turner. It will be interesting to see how she fits in with the Comets. Karleen Thompson has leaned pretty heavily on her veterans over the first three games.


Anonymous said...

Its good tht she was picked up by Houston. Ann was wrong for letting her come back knowing that she was going to cut her. she couldv'e stay there in turkey and finished playig or what ever she was gone do..... good luck in houston Barb!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ann didn't "let" Barb come back - Barb chose to come back - full well knowing that Ann had advised her NOT to take the second contract - but to come to camp on time.
From the site, blogs and reports it sounds as if Ann fully intended on giving Turner the spot if she clearly out played and outclassed Ely. She failed to do that - in part - probably becasue she did not come back in time and was jet lagged - or simply didn't give herself time to showcase her talent.
She did not "bring it" and for that she has only herself and her decisions to blame - she's a professional - she played her hand, bluffed by not coming back in time and ultimately lost..

Anonymous said...

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Online Zen Doctor said...

I can't help but think that the Storm really misses Barb Turner, and that at least one of these 2 losses to the Silver Stars could have been won with Barb playing significant minutes. Shyra may start helping a lot more but so far she's barely played and you know that Barb would have had a lot more minutes. Our biggest weakness so far has been our bench, which is pretty much non-existent outside of Wendy Palmer. Katie Gearlds has shown us nothing so far and looks completely disinterested out there to me. She's not the deadeye that she was touted to be, at least so far.

We have had very little defense so far and Barb played defense. It's pretty crazy to cut your "6th Man" especially right after a very promising rookie season. I hope we turn things around real quickly or this is going to be a big black-eye for Anne Donovan.
- Zen Doc