Monday, May 21, 2007

Box Score Watching

There are few greater pleasures in life as a sports fan than perusing the latest boxscores to glean some insights on what's going on around the league. That's especially true early in the season, as we're still figuring out teams and players. From time to time, I'll break down some boxscores, starting with Sunday's action:

Sacramento 74, Minnesota 64
First off, congrats to Jenny Boucek on her first win as a WNBA head coach. Looking at this box, you have to wonder, is it still 2006 in Minnesota? A lot of the talk for the Lynx was focused on getting more scoring help for Seimone Augustus, but Augustus - a game-time decision after injuring her knee in Saturday's opener - scored 28 points Sunday on 10-for-16 shooting. Her teammates combined for 36 points and shot 9-for-45 (20%) from the field. The Monarchs are very good defensively, but that's gotta be disheartening for the Lynx in their home opener.

No. 1 overall pick Lindsey Harding looked very much the rookie, shooting 1-for-12 from the field. On the Sacramento side, I think Kara Lawson (on my fantasy team) is going to enjoy playing for Boucek, who drew up a play for a Lawson three out of a timeout Saturday in Detroit. Through two games, Lawson has 33 points.

New York 83, Chicago 71
The big story here is obvious - 28 points and seven three-pointers from Erin Thorn. Shooters usually thrive with regular minutes, and it looks like Thorn is going to get them. The Liberty got solid play from its veterans, but you have to wonder if they're really thinking as long-term as they should be. No. 2 pick Jessica Davenport did not play during New York's second-half comeback, and Tiffany Jackson, drafted fifth, played just four minutes. 2006 first-round pick Sherill Baker, pegged in this corner to replace Becky Hammon in the starting five, did not even get off the bench. Is this a youth movement or not?

Fairly rough debut for Armintie Price, who missed six of her eight shots and four of her six free-throw attempts. Price did hand out five assists to go with her eight points. Monique Currie kicked off her bid for Most Improved Player with 20 points and 11 boards, but needed 19 shots - nine of them three-pointers. That's not her game.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't quit on the youth movement in NY. I watched the game TWICE now and Patty coached the game the exact same way Anne did. She stayed with the "hot hands" and ditched the bench. Kraeveld started the comeback with 8 strait points and Thorn was so hot that you couldn't justify putting Davenport or Baker in the game. It was frustrating for me because I love BAKER, but the quarters go by so fast there was no need to mess with the success NY was having. I'm not a fan of Davenport, but I will admit she moved great in the first half and never got the roll off the rim. She was just inches from 12-14 points if she got a roll or two. I love "box score watching" as well and I'll never understand how Sacramento keeps winning games. It's just such "ugly basketball" when they play! Harding is so over-rated so once again Augustus is on her own. Sydney Spencer played point at times in LA..very fun to watch. I love her game! Stacey Dales is amazing on and off the floor. I would love to see her in green and gold! If Shyra and T were our bright spots in camp...then we are in serious trouble! I can't wait to see the box score tomorrow night. Nothing better than a Mercury-Storm matchup! THANKS...