Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GM Survey, Day Two

WNBA.com's GM Survey continues.

Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson got some credit today for their poise on the court. Sue got two votes for best court smarts, Lauren one. Meanwhile, Lauren's two votes tied her with Lisa Leslie as the best on-court leader, while Sue got one vote. LJ also got a vote as the league's toughest player. Given all the injuries she's played through, hard to argue with that.

Again, my off-the-cuff answers (today's questions, specifically the leadership/personality ones, are a lot harder to answer):

Most athletic player - Deanna Nolan
Best post moves - Lisa Leslie
Best pure shooter - Laurie Koehn (8-for-9 on threes the other day)
Best leaper - Deanna Nolan
Best post passer - Janel McCarville
Best open-court finisher - Cappie Pondexter
Quickest with the ball - I can't pick Izi (no Storm picks, but how did she not get any real votes?), so ... Deanna Nolan
Best court smarts - Sheryl Swoopes
Best at making teammates better - Nikki Teasley
Toughest player - Tully Bevilaqua
Most intense player - Temeka Johnson
Most easy-going player - pass
Best on-court leader - Sheryl Swoopes
Best locker-room leader - pass; how would I know?

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Michelle said...

Dead on with the toughest player pick. Tully is one heck of a scrapper and certainly missed around here!