Saturday, May 12, 2007

Game 6 in Turkey

Final: Besiktas finishes the game on a 13-3 run to come from down two to win easily, 72-64. Game 7 will be played on Tuesday and it now seems unlikely Barbara Turner will have more than one practice at best with the Storm before next Friday's deadline for final rosters to be submitted to the WNBA.

Update: Midway through the fourth quarter, Fenerbahce has taken a 59-58 lead. This one looks like it's going to come right down to the wire and there is a great deal on the line for Barbara Turner and for the Storm.

Turner is playing some crucial minutes today and has eight points and five boards. Cappie Pondexter now has 29 points, while Sheri Sam is scoreless soince halftime.


It's halftime right now and Barbara Turner's Fenerbahce team trails 42-39. You can follow along online by visiting the TBBL Web site and clocking on the scoreboard in the upper right-hand corer.

Turner has three points, three assists and two boards at the half.

It looks like this series is going to be decided by the Indiana Fever. In Game 5, Tammy Sutton-Brown led Fenerbahce. Tonight, she's got just four points and two boards at the half. Meanwhile, Indiana teammate Sheri Sam, held scoreless in Game 5, has 15 on 6-for-8 shooting so far tonight.


TJ said...

Barbara come home NOW...forget game Kevin says, if Sutton-Brown doesn't choke Fenerbahce wins (with or without you)

TJ said...

To me, it's really disappointing that Sutton-Brown had a performance like this, they are paying her too much money to "choke" in a championship game...great performance by Cappie and nice game by Turner and Yilmaz...hopefully Wendy P. can convince Barb to come home NOW...forget Game 7, like Kevin says the series will be decided by TSB and Sam not Barb. That being said i still feel Barb deserves a spot on the roster (yes AD should fine her for being late to camp) but last year Barb was Sea's 6th man of the year and even got a couple starts and that was a rookie, nothing against Ely but what has she done in her 2 years in the WNBA as well as in any of the PRE-season games to prove she's better than Barb...KEEP BTExpress (you need the Energy she brings in off the bench AD!!!!)

Anonymous said...

AD needs to find room under that salary cap to keep such a talented player as BT. the explosive talent this young player has will only increase as she develops as evident in her offseason performances in Turkey.

If she is cut where else can she play ?

TJ said...

lots of teams would love her athleticism at the 3 spot...Pho, Was, Con, NY, LA, SA...many of teams in particular need a back-up SF and i'm sure they would ALL love to have Barb over some of the players i see on those teams as the back-up SF...and i think AD knows it!!! I have faith AD will make the right decision and keep Barb...even though as i said before i do believe AD should FINE her whatever the fine is for being late the training camp, but not punish her by waiving her