Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 10 Practice Observations

Maybe it's just the fact that we're at KeyArena today instead of the friendly confines of The Furtado Center, but there seems to be a diferent sense of urgency to today's practice. The preseason finale is tomorrow and the season opener is just nine days away, so a sense of urgency is appropriate.

The Key is almost ready to go for tomorrow's game. The Storm's court is down, the "Go Storm" banner is up at the South End of the arena and the 200 level has been curtained off. There's only one big change that needs to be made - the scoreboard still reads "Sonics" and "Mavs" from the Sonics home finale.

Five-on-five today against the practice squad, first halfcourt and then later going up and down. It's competitive. Turnovers seem like an issue for the Storm offense after there were 25 of them in Tuesday's preseason game at Connecticut. This is Betty Lennox's first practice with the Storm after she played in that game, so there's some reintegration going on that should work itself out. Still, taking care of the basketball should be a priority over the next week.

Katie Gearlds nails a one-and-one and we're finished for the day.

More after media ...

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norwester said...

I wouldn't hold my breath on scoreboard issues being cleared up any time soon. I'm sure it's more complex than it looks, but it's only pre-season, and mid-year they're still putting the wrong numbers up on the board.