Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Share Your Thoughts

Looking at the comments in the last 12 hours, it looks like fans want a chance to talk about the season that was and share their thoughts, so let me provide a specific entry where you can leave your comments on the 2008 season.


Anonymous said...

It's so tough to have the season end so abruptly! The team gave all they had! So somehow as a fan, I just want a way to communicate to each and every one of the Storm players, coaches, administration, and owners that the we fans want to wrap them in our thanks and love as they deal with the early end of their season!!! THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES! I appreciated the HEART you all played with throughout this season. I don't believe any team gave so much on the floor each game as you have. I have an ache in my heart today that will not go away until I see you all next year! Have safe and enriching seasons overseas as you improve your skills and experience even more! May this early exit keep you constantly motivated to come back here improved and ready to roll through the WNBA season!

Hannah said...

I'm sitting at work right now looking at articles about the Storm about this past season. I had too many thoughts to put down here, so read my recent post on my blog. I'm so proud of the girls! I can't wait for next season!

Seattlefan said...

Thank you Storm!

SUE MVP. Enough said. She is the heart of this team.

Camille Little- we have got to keep her. She is such a versatile player. Imagine her with LJ on the floor.

Yo and Swoopes...give us one more year

Are there any thank you celebrations planned?

sherryl alberto said...

just what i was thinking of, a place where us, storm fans, can share our thoughts! thanks, man! well, i think throughout the season, the seattle storm represented the league well with their never-say-die attitude, overcoming lots of obstacles and still managing to end right there at the top. how the players carry themselves is more than i can say for others - engaging in brawls, taunting others, being cocky (beat LA chants - as go LA?) and not giving ur opponents credit for what they're doing coz it's all about you... anyway, i'm just so proud that the storm girls are unlike any of those. although, it's heartbreaking to see their season end and the next season will still be a long way from now. there are a lot of positives in this season and i'm looking forward for it to carry over next season, esp. with the 10th anniversary. i can see them winning it all next year, i hope that they'll retain their group and give it another go. for now, let's all have a drink! ;-) wishing sue all the best! more and more championships all over the world. we love you here in the philippines, sue! keep on inspiring:)

Anonymous said...

Injuries or no injuries, I think the STORM did superb this season. I was disappointed about last night's loss so I can't even begin to imagine how the team is feeling. I just wanted to say that they shouldn't hang there heads on 'what could've been' or 'we should've done' because its over now. Time to look ahead in the future. And hopefully SUE BIRD will see this comment and know that she did accomplish way more this year and this has been her best year yet. As a season ticket holder, I will be looking foreward to seeing all next season. Way to go team...Oh and a question in tact, was this really YO's last year?

Monica said...

Just wanted to say THANK YOU ladies for a great season. Last night's loss doesn't change the fact that you are just the best. I am looking forward to the next year and hope Yolanda and Sheryl stay with us another season. GO STORM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Going to Storm games is the best thing I do all summer. I love the game, the girls the coaches and now I love force 10 hoops. I'm heart-broken that the season has ended. Its hard not to think about what might have been - without injuries. But I'm proud as hell of the players. They had a great season. They had a championship feel to them this year. Gritty, tough, and loads of chemistry, and love for each other.

It was a great, year. Thank you Storm.

Anonymous said...

Our Storm team and fans are the best of the league. This has been the best season since 2004. Sue and Camille were outstanding after the Olympic break. Katie needs more minutes in order to sink the threes. Yo has always been a super tough player, Swin hope you get better. Storm will be No. 1 for the 10th Anniversary season!

Anonymous said...

I can't put into words how proud I am to be a Storm fan. Your poise and maturaty in hard times has been inspiring. I will definately renew my season tickets for next year's run. I hope Yo and Swoopes will return. We love you. Thanks to all of you, for everything.

Anonymous said...

I have loved this season and am full of admiration and respect for every member of the Storm organization. Having the infrastructure pulled out from under them midseason, Storm staff still managed to make the Storm experience a good one. But the players have had a stronger impact on me this year than any other year. These women pulled together through challenge after challenge and gave 125% every game. I am so proud of this team and so proud to be part of such a supportive fan base that recognizes the value of professional women's sports to the entire community! Finally, I want to say that I am tired of reading commentators, columnists and sportscasters second-guessing Lauren's decision to have ankle surgery AFTER the Olympics -- it was the OLYMPICS! If I had had the opportunity, I would have done anything to compete for a gold medal!
I haven't felt such allegiance to a team since I was a child collecting baseball cards in San Diego! I can't wait for next year!

grace skrobisz said...

Suddenly the game was over, the team filed into the locker room eyes focused down, heads hanging low, a few wiping away a stray tear. I stood and watched the crowd file out of the KEY, wanting to make it last even one minute more. Such heartache!

The Storm played their heart out every game. Sue Bird was even more phenomenal than ever. Stacked with the talent of Griffith, Swoopes and Cash added to LJ and Sue with a remarkable bench, we had the components to win a championship this year. But we didn't quite make it, unfortunately. However, we did make history with our stats and record. It was a terrific season. I'm just so sad it is over, and soooo suddenly. Ouch!

In my opinion it would have been an unbelievable year for the Storm to win. We lost the Sonics. Four women came together and bought the Storm. Karen had her baby. We gained three amazingly talented starters. And as a lesbian, I was very proud that we gained the only (out) lesbian in the league, and three of the four owners are lesbians. I would have loved to see a WNBA championship in Seattle again. But, after coming so close this year, once the players with injuries are healed and the Storm goes into it's 10th year, we will bring it home.

I really hope Yo and Sherryl stay with us one more year. It would be a shame if they left us now.

This was my third year as a season ticket holder and I've already paid for my tickets for next year.

As always, GO STOTM!!!

Anonymous said...

Last night's game didn't start off right - with the sound not working, which screwed up the intro. The only other time this happened, the Storm lost to Connecticut. It was their only other home loss. And I knew it was a bad omen when it happened last night!

Force 10 Hoops LLC should be really upset with Key Arena operations. I hope they raise hell. The Storm deserves better then the ghetto sound problems, and so do the best fans in the WNBA!

Dylan said...

Like so many other Storm fans, I am proud of the team and the organization for what they accomplished this year. What a class act (unlike some other teams) and fantastic role models, giving it your all every game.

Although saddened by our team's sudden departure from the playoffs, I am already looking forward to 2009 and the possibilities. If we can keep the core of this squad together and healthy, imagine what they can accomplish now that they have played together for a year under this system!

Btw, if Sue Bird is not MVP I cry conspiracy!

Note to the Silver Stars: BEAT LA!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Storm for another great year. Next year we go all the way again...
Sue you've had another super year. Thanks again to my favorite player. This is tough for a RUTGERS guy to say, especially after all the beatings you gave us and now with all the great RUTGERS women now in the WNBA. But it still stands.

Ocala Bill

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this opportunity to write.
I agree with everyone on everything and only want to add that I feel Brian Agler has not gotten his due.
I was among the doubting Thomases at first, but now
am firmly in his corner.
While I seriously mourned the loss of Izi and Betty,
his willingness to stand up to the nay-sayers and
add the 'old' players was beyond admirable. (especially since it payed off so well.)
My seats provide a birds eye (Ha! So to speak) view of the bench and the difference in camaraderie has been spectacularly obvious.
I don't know this as fact, but what I consistently notice is Aglers kindness to the players even when they are not doing very well. None of the starters get benched for most of the game as they did the last few years either.
All in all, I have nothing but respect for the guy.
In my obviously strong opinion, Agler is grossly under acknowledged for his role in the Storm's success this year.

And Tsk-tsk to Cooper, Parker, and Leslie for
un-WNBA behavior. I thought Lambiere was bad.
Go San Antonio!
Here's to 2009.

Monica said...

Hi Dylan,

I am glad to see I am not the only one hoping the Silver Stars get the Sparks out of the race.

Sue Bird for MVP!!


StorMojo said...

The Storm season might have ended earlier than we'd hope but it was one heck of a season. If Swoopes and Griffith return next year, what a 10th anniversary season the Storm will have next year. Sue Bird & MVP go well together in '08. She knew how to distribute the ball to all-star vets who have been leading other teams in the previous season and she took over the offensive load when the same vets were out due to injuries. Every Storm game I went to this season was just amazing. Thanks for such a great season. I can't wait to cheer on the Storm next season. Go Storm go!

kilcher said...

i'm so proud of this team and the grit they displayed when most people wrote them off already.

sue was phenomenal after the break and camille was really awesome, as well as swin and sheryl even if their play was limited due to injuries.

thank you, storm, for such a great season :)

Anonymous said...

As a storm fan from the midwest, I say congratulations on a wonderful year. A true team is determined by how well they respond to adversity and in adverse situations. As a former b-baller, what was so refreshing to see is how well the Storm prevailed inspite of the injuries, line-up changes, olympic break, etc. To have the second best winning percentage in the league that so many people doubted was possible, to have the best home-game winning percentage in the league, to have a franchise best 22-12 record, to have such a terrific fan base, is a tremendous tribute to every player, the coaching staff and the owners. Thank you Sue (I'm a native Long Islander), Sheryl (always admired you as a person and baller), Yolanda, Lauren, Swin and the entire Storm organization. Sheryl and Yolanda give us another two have proven that you still have so much to give!!! You two are the greatest!!! Go Storm!!!

Anonymous said...

What a year!! This year was the 1st year that my husband & I had season tickets (last 3 years we had a 10 pack of tickets each season), and we've put our deposit down for season tickets for next year as well. Sue had an outstanding year, and T really seemed to come into her own this year as well. Sheryl & Swin---they are legends, and Yo--I just love watching her play cos she puts 110% into it and is always a motivator. I can't wait until next year with Lauren, Swin, Sheryl & Yo all healthy & rested. Then the bench strength & support--well it should add up to 2009 as the healthy perfect Storm! Good luck to all the Storm players until next year.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that the season has ended soon for the storm. i love this team so much, especially the tandem of Sue and Lauren. I can't wait for the next season. I' m from the Phil. and not all the game are televise here, so most of the time i'm just counting on the net just to update about the game. I'm glad that i was able to watch game 2 live on tv last monday, i was so happy with the outcome of the game and was hoping that they do it again in game 3, so sad it did not happened. But I' m so proud of you guys! you did all your best. Hoping that Sue gets the MVP award, she really did a great job.For me Sue is the best point guard in the world.(kumontra, panget)Ha ha!




Kathleen said...

Thank you Storm. I am still so sad that we are not in the playoffs but each and everyone of the organization gave 110%. Please all come back for 2009 and let's do it again but take it to the top. The team, the coaches, the owners....we love you....thanks and see you next year.

Anonymous said...

Wow....what a year. I was not so thrilled to get a new coach, but what a difference Brian Agler has made, he played the players and really made some great changes. Sue played like the glimmer we have seen in the past, but this year, she was aggressive, she was tough....Now where has that Sue been hiding?
Missed Lauren on these last games, but what a year she has had as well.
Yo, Swin and Sheryl are phenomenal players! A friend said at the first "what are we getting the retirement group", but what we got was strategy, the ability the rebound and three of the best all around players.
Camille is only going to get better and better....
Ashley Robinson, I'm so glad she chose to stay in Seattle and what a season she had as well!
Kristen O'Neil, hope to see more of her.

Thank you as always for a great summer of WNBA and be safe overseas.

Anonymous said...

sue this for you, hope you'll be able to watch it. I will miss you!

Sue you are my MVP!

chris said...

Thank you to the Storm players, coaches, and staff for the tremendous season. While I am heartbroken that the season ended, I feel strongly that this team has much brighter days ahead. The Storm would have won the title this year without the injuries that have plagued the team. Thanks Sue, Sheryl, Yolanda, Swin, Lauren, and Tanisha (and the entire team) for your strength and effort. You all are an inspiration to your fans...we love you!

Sheryl and Yolanda: Please come back for at least another year!!!!


Anonymous said...

As I waited outside the Furtado center yesterday waiting to say Good Bye to Sue Bird and the rest of the Storm staff I found it hard to belive the season was over. The Storm is a Great Team and with a Healty Lauren Jackson next season they will win it ALL. Let's call
" 2010 the year of the Bird"
Next Year Is Our Year!! Go STORM!!

StormFan said...

Thank you to the New Owners for keeping our Storm here in Seattle! Thank you Storm team for playing with heart and soul! You Ladies are spectacular athletes and it is a gift to watch you play. Agler you put an excellent team together. We wish you the best in the off season. Bring yourselves back to us next year, each and everyone of you! Thank you again for a wonderful season. I'll be there to cheer you on in 2009!

Anonymous said...

I've read several comments from the media and the team that somehow the fans are disappointed in the outcome of the season. Are we disappointed we didn't go farther? Yes. But disappointed in the team? NO! I've been a season ticket holder from day one, and I love this team more than any other. They have heart, courage,tenacity, and passion, and they have nothing to hang their heads about. I hope that they can all return next year.

Anonymous said...

Did you read the article that speculates Bird being MVP? Is that just a rumor, or is there merit behind it?

Monica said...

Where's that article?

Monica said...

Disapointed in the team? No way! I am so ready for the next season I cannot begin to explain. I am sad it ended, but at the same time I am thankful and very proud of our team. Even after losing, our team could teach a few lessons to the others. This is why we have the strongest fan base in the WNBA.

Sheila said...


I'm overwhelmed at work right now, so I haven' had a chance to read all the coverage, your blog, Jayda's blog,, etc etc etc. But I would like to say that this was a great ride. I'll have more to say once I digest everything.

What I would like to hear is an assessment of the season from Force 10 Hoops. Do they think their first year of ownership was successful, what do they think is needed from an organizational standpoint, and what do they need from the fans to keep the Storm product growing for the future.

Anonymous said...

The Bird for MVP article is on

Kevin Pelton said...

Here is a direct link:

My sense - and I don't know anything you guys don't - is that the league will again present MVP at the WNBA Finals and that this may be connected to Rookie of the Year. (Draw your own conclusions as to who that might be.)

Though, then again, the fact that linked to Mel's story ... .

eyeofthestorm said...

Thank you, Force 10, for everything you have done this season. Kudos to Brian for bringing together an experienced team with leadership, talent, and chemistry both on and off the court. Unfortunately, the injuries hurt us hard. Thank you, ladies, for giving us everything (and then some).
Kudos to Kevin for his excellent coverage, and to Dick and Adia for the great broadcasts. Keep up the great work! See in you '09 for magic number 10!

Buttercup said...

There is no way that you can leave this Storm season behind without feeling an amazing sense of pride and accomplishment. There is some disappointment in the outcome of the season but that should in no way distract us from how amazing this team was and what they did for us.
Faced with a life without Storm basketball, many a Storm fan was left at the end of last season with a feeling of disappointment but not this year. This year is just the beginning of the story for the Force 10 Storm.
Never in my life did I think that I would have the HONOR of being able to see Sheryl Swoopes and Yolanda Griffith play for a team in MY HOME TOWN. That in itself was amazing to me this year.
Another special thing I got to see this year was the play of Sue Bird. Birdie put our team on her back and proved that she is the best point guard in the world. Like Brian Agler said a million times, I felt better with the ball in Sue B.'s hands.
I was also impressed with the play of Tanisha and Katie this year. They stepped up their games and are only going to get better.
I love this team and look forward to next year.

Anonymous said...

This has been the best season Storm basketball for me, well except for 2004. I'm proud the the Storm players for showing the naysayers that they can win games without LJ, and the rest of the team needed this time without her. The reserved finally got a chance to develop, something that did not happen under Coach D. No doubt we could have used her in the playoffs but if most of this team returns and LJ is healthy then I see the storm as the #1 team next year and will take it all. Please come back Yo, and Sheryl, the Storm still needs you! LJ You have to come back! I bet you will have your best season yet next year. No one deserves you more then your loyal Storm fans!

nancy said...

The first thing I would like to say is a big "Thank you" to Force 10. You made this all happen. To the Players you are the greatest. You never give up. you are great role model for youths. My 84 year old Mother loves attending your games. Your staff is great to her. I am looking forward to next year. I hope to travel to Russia next spring and maybe catching a game. It would be nice to see some of our player there. Again, Thanks for a great season and looking forward to next May.