Monday, September 8, 2008

Why Sue Bird is My MVP

Guest post by Dick Fain:

Sue Bird should be the WNBA MVP for a very simple reason. She does more to help her team WIN than any other player in the league. There are other players that have better athleticism, there are more spectacular numbers to be found, but no one can adapt to her team's needs the way Sue does.

If you want a number to back up my assertion, here is the only one that I need to give: 7-3. The Seattle Storm is 7-3 without Lauren Jackson and the reason why is obvious. Sue has taken it upon herself to pick up her scoring load while at the same time continuing to be the best distributing point guard in the league. She has become a scorer without selfishness, which I feel is a refreshing sight in today’s area of “scoring guards” who at times can put their numbers ahead of the only numbers that matter … the wins.

Dick Fain is in his first year as the Storm's play-by-play broadcaster and is one of the two Seattle-area media members voting on the WNBA's postseason awards. Also see the Bird '08 Homepage for more on her MVP candidacy.

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