Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Playoff Picture: Sept. 2

The standings in the Western Conference after L.A.'s come-from-behind blowout victory over Minnesota last night:

Team           W   L    GB  Storm  Conf   H/A  500+
San Antonio 19 10 0 1-2 8-10 3/2 5/0
Seattle 18 10 0.5 12-5 2/4 3/3
Los Angeles 18 12 1.5 1-1 10-7 2/2 3/1
Sacramento 16 13 3.0 3-0 7-8 2/3 4/1
Houston 14 14 4.5 2-1 9-8 4/2 4/2
Minnesota 14 14 4.5 2-0 8-8 2/4 2/4
Phoenix 12 16 6.5 3-1 4-12 3/3 5/1
The outcome reduced the Storm's magic number to two to effectively clinch a playoff spot. That could happen as soon as Wednesday if the Storm wins tonight in Atlanta, New York defeats Houston and Minnesota loses tomorrow at Phoenix. That would allow the Storm to individually clinch against the Comets, Lynx and Mercury, and I'm not seeing any possible multi-team tie that would leave the Storm out of the playoffs.

With their win, the Sparks have climbed within one game of the Storm. Really, however, how both teams play over the next week and a half takes a backseat to their nationally-televised season finale Sept. 14 at the STAPLES Center. That game will determine the head-to-head tiebreaker, the two teams having split the first two meetings. With a win in that game, the Storm would need at most two other wins the rest of the way to guarantee no worse than second in the West. If the Sparks win, however, the Storm would need to have a better record the rest of the season than L.A. to avoid a tie and win out.

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Sheila said...

Here's hoping San Antonio spanks the Sparks on Friday.

I expect us to lose to LA and SAC, so we would have 12 loses. If LA loses to San Antonio they would have 13 loses and we would wind up second.