Thursday, June 5, 2008

Storm at T-Mobile Coverage Jam

Laura Sgrecci/Storm Photos

Storm and WNBA partner T-Mobile held its annual "T-Mobile Coverage Jam" Thursday at T-Mobile USA headquarters in Factoria. Led by Cole Brodman Chief Technology and Innovation Officer and Neville Ray, SVP of Engineering & Operations, the Coverage Jam is a business update meeting that also includes a basketball tournament for all employees.

Helping out with the event were Storm forward Shyra Ely, who interned in the Marketing/Sponsorships department for T-Mobile last off-season, 1150 AM KKNW play-by-play broadcaster Dick Fain and Doppler.

Ely helped out with some honorary coaching duties, while Fain called the action on the floor and Doppler provided entertainment.

Despite the June Seattle drizzle, the Storm helped make it a special event for T-Mobile employees.

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beth said...

I've been catching up on reading your blog today. I've been to several events in the community where players are in attendance like this T-mobile event. One thing I've wondered about is why do I never see or read that Lauren Jackson attends these events?