Monday, June 23, 2008

Agler Q&A on Little

After the Storm practiced Monday in Los Angeles, Storm Head Coach Brian Agler chatted by phone about yesterday's trade for forward Camille Little.

What does adding Little do for the Storm?
I don't think there's any question she gives us some depth off the bench. She's definitely going to help our rebounding, both offensively and defensively. I like her versatility - she can play both the three and the four. She played real well for us last year in San Antonio; she was a part of that tight rotation.

Do you see her as a part of that tight rotation here?
We'll see. She'll work her way into PT. We made this move to help us now, but also for the future. She can be a real solid player for us down the road.

Do you have a sense for how difficult it was for San Antonio to part with Little before the season?
They had really high hopes for Camille to be a part of their rotation. Then they had the opportunity to pick up Ann Wauters, who's a real special player, and she was the piece Atlanta wanted in addition to the first-round pick. I know that San Antonio valued her play a year ago.

Can you talk about Little on defense?
She's physically strong and quick. She's going to help us and our defense around the basket. She's really versatile defensively - she can guard times twos and threes in addition to post players. She's going to fit in well.

Is she in Los Angeles yet?
She's getting in tonight.

Will she play tomorrow against the Sparks?
I don't know that. We haven't decided yet. If she gets in to shootaround tomorrow, we'll make a decision on that then.


Anonymous said...

Great pick up Coach. she will be a great asset when L.J. goes down under for five games.
Go Storm!!

Anonymous said...

YESSSS...this is just SUCH a great move!! talk about the EXACT player i've been hoping and wanting us to pursue..and at a LITTLE price to pay as well. NOW...if you could just invest a little bit more patience in KG's playing time..allow her to get some confidence, allow her a missed shot...SHE can also contribute!! GREAT MOVE very excited!