Monday, April 23, 2007

Wright Stuff

In today's story on the newcomers to Storm training camp, I mentioned that Shereka Wright had one of the best ratios of free-throw attempts to field-goal attempts in the WNBA. Well, one of the things I can do in this blog is maybe get a little more in-depth and, yes, a little geekier with the numbers.

Here are the 2005 WNBA leaders in this ratio, minimum 250 minutes:

Player        Team  FTA/FGA
Nakia Sanford WAS 1.033
Shereka Wright PHO .881
Barbara Farris DET .740
Jen Derevjanik CON .727
Helen Darling CHA .659

Wright attempted nearly as many free throws as shots from the field. She's always been very good at getting to the charity stripe. What makes her unusual statistically is she also takes a bunch of threes - her ratio of threes to field-goal attempts in 2005 (her last healthy season) was also in the league's top five.

Threes and free throws happen to be the two most efficient shots in basketball. So, while Wright's field-goal percentage was low (40.7%), her True Shooting Percentage was amongst the league's best.

4-24 Update: It appears Wright was somewhat behind early in camp. She was waived this morning.


Anonymous said...

With Shereka Wright's 3-point shooting, it looks like she's almost guaranteed a spot on the roster. An additional player to shoot the 3 really spreads the defense and opens things up underneath for LJ and JB. But at 5'10", isn't she a little small for a forward? With 5 centers (minus LJ) and 5 forwards over 6' (minus LJ) on the training camp roster, what are your thoughts on Shereka being moved to shooting guard? Or is height not that much of an issue at small forward?

Kevin Pelton said...

Wright is listed at forward, but if I recall correctly from her Phoenix days, she played some guard there as well (in fact, I think she might have even played the point a little bit).

That said, spots are going to be tight on the perimeter and nobody's sure how Wright has come back from her torn Achilles, so I think it would be premature to say she's guaranteed a spot.

Anonymous said...

Wright was cut - care to elaborate Mr. Pelton?

Kevin Pelton said...

No elaboration at this point. We'll see what Coach Donovan has to say after today's practice.