Friday, April 27, 2007

Surprising Speed

I mentioned at the end of my live blog that the team ran lines four times down and back. There was something of a surprise in the outcome, as Tanisha Wright hung right with the team's acknowledged fastest player, Iziane Castro Marques.

"She was a little tired today," downplayed Wright, "so she said, 'Go ahead, take it.' No one can run with Izi. She's faster with the ball than most people are without it."

After practice, Coach Anne Donovan indicated her happiness with what she is seeing on the court right now.

"I think we're really coming together," Donovan said. "I'm really pleased. They're working so hard with limited substitutions and not a lot of rest time and yet they continue to come back every day and just really bust it and work through it, so I'm really pleased with the progression."

Donovan is still looking for Tye'sha Fluker, who has gone through only two full practices, to find her place with the Storm.

"She's got work to do," said Donovan. "She's trying to get comfortable here. Our expectations in the post are probably a little bit different than what she's seen in the past. I'm sure she'll get better as it goes."

The news is positive with regards to Yolanda Paige's knee.

"MRI was clear, which is great," Donovan said. "She's still got swelling in it, so we'll be slow in bringing her back."

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