Friday, April 27, 2007

Practice Observations

Yolanda Paige's MRI turned up negative. Paige has been able to practice today without contact. The rest of the time, she's riding an exercise bike on the sidelines to stay warm.

Brooke Queenan is taking her physical and due to practice tonight, giving the Storm nine bodies.

I'll leave most of the play-by-play to Alan's blog, but here are some observations ...

I was really surprised to see how well built Tye'sha Fluker is. She started against the Storm in Seattle last August, and I remember her playing well in that game, but not how powerful she can be in the paint. Fluker is not afraid of contact, as her run-in yesterday with a member of the practice squad evidenced, and she's tough enough that she wanted to return after spraining her ankle in a separate incident.

Fluker's size gives her a different presence than the other posts in camp right now.

Shyra Ely hit a three-pointer early on and has, apparently, been shooting the ball well from the perimeter.

I really like the way Katie Gearlds operates within an offense. She's always smooth and under control and is a solid ballhandler. Her airball early after we were let in to watch the action was the early stunning surprise of camp.

On defense, I was impressed with Gearlds' ability to stay in front of the ballhandler on the break. She'll likely never be a great defender, but her size and length are assets, particularly when she works as a shooting guard.

During interviews after practice, Katie has been making an effort to memorize the names of all of the reporters. I can't say I've ever seen that before.

Free throws or lines at the end of practice. Wendy Palmer missed the first shot and could not believe it. Anne Donovan gave the option of double or nothing for Izi, who made the first but missed the second, meaning four times down and back for the entire roster.

Katie Gearlds sinks two free throws and we're done.

More after interviews.

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Anonymous said...

One airball... I am sure it won't be the first time! I am sure there is more then one missed shot the whole day of practice.