Monday, April 23, 2007

Welcome to StormTracker

Hello and welcome to StormTracker, the official blog of the Seattle Storm. There's a running joke in the Sonics & Storm business offices that whenever anyone sees me with a computer - and even sometimes without one - they ask me if I'm blogging. The answer is almost always no. Other than live in-game blogs, I haven't ever really truly blogged.

That's changing now. Big thanks to Nathan Affolter, our web producer, for getting this blog up and running.

What can you expect from the StormTracker blog? Well, I'm not really sure yet. That will be defined as the season goes on. However, I definitely plan to use the blog for quick updates after practices at The Furtado Center wrap up. I'll definitely follow news from around the league. I also hope to be able to provide more interactivity with fans by responding to comments.

So thanks for coming. I hope you bookmark the page and visit often.

(By the way, the RSS feed for this blog still does not appear to be working. I'll update you as soon as we've figured it out.)

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Anonymous said...

This is will be so cool ... thanks Kevin looking forward to this - bookmarking it now