Thursday, May 8, 2008 Preview is going team-by-team on a daily basis to preview the upcoming 2008 season, and today it is the Storm's turn.

With the amount of turnover that has taken place, there will be a very
different Storm team on the KeyArena floor this season. Seattle has tagged this
team as "The Perfect Storm," boasting the team's combined 25 WNBA All-Star
appearances, nine Olympic Medals and 10 WNBA championship rings. With the
veteran team that has been put together, the time to win is now for


Kendal said...

I hope this doesn't come back to bit them in the behind. "The Perfect Storm" on paper yes. This preseason as far has gone to opposite of last ones, and then after the come from 22 behind, Comets to win LJ said we were a team to be feared, and we thought we finally had a bench that had been missing since 2004. Well we know how last season turned out. So I'd settle for a better Storm, a Storm that has a bench to back up the starters, and not losing Swoopes to injuries. Never the less this will be a season to remember with our line-up and that alone will make it a perfect Storm. GOOD LUCK STORM!! Lets get it done!

Anonymous said...

Why does the storm select a shooting guard 1st rnd when they are looking for a PG. They have done a disservice to a very talented young lady in Allie Quigley. Shame on them! Shame on Coach Agler!

Anonymous said...

They didn't have a first round pick in the draft, and if your first choice isn't there anymore then most go with best player available; trades are also an option, especially is you took a player someone else wanted and they have what you want.