Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quick Preview Note

For those readers who frequent the blog but not always the homepage (something I've done myself with other Seattle sports teams), I hope you haven't missed our extensive preview coverage this week. The local papers devote one day to a preview section. Online, that doesn't make as much sense, so we spread out the same content over the last week. In sum, it's quite a bit.

Storm Preview:
Fresh Start: Cash Begins Anew in Seattle
Bird Returns to Revamped Storm
The Centerpiece: Storm Looks to Relieve Pressure on Jackson
The Veterans: Griffith and Swoopes Hoping for Familiar Outcome with New Team
Is This "The Perfect Storm?"

WNBA Preview:
League-wide picks/analysis
Western Conference Preview
Eastern Conference Preview

If you've read all that, and tonight's Insider Preview, I think you're about ready for the season to start. I know I am.

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Online ZenDoc said...

Thanks, Kevin, for the articles. There's a lot of good information there. I haven't even finished them all yet.