Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2008 WNBA GM Survey

Yesterday, published the results of the league's annual GM survey. Give it a full look, but here are some Storm-related highlights.

- 17% of GMs (2 of 12, presumably) picked the Storm to win the championship. That ties the Storm for second with Phoenix. The GMs placed Los Angeles as the favorite.

- Lauren Jackson, with 27%, finished second behind Lisa Leslie in the projected MVP vote.

- The Storm received a solid 46% of the votes to lead all teams in terms of best off-season moves.

- Sue Bird got 42% of the votes and ranked as the league's best point guard in the eyes of GMs. Jackson was the winner at power forward (54%) and also ranked second at center (17%). She's a power forward, folks. And Sancho Lyttle somehow got a vote at center. Even if that's a homer vote from Houston, wouldn't you think starter Michelle Snow instead of her backup? Funny.

- Bird (17%) and Jackson (8%) both got votes as the player with the best court smarts.

- Jackson (17%) and Griffith (8%) got votes as the league's toughest player.

- Brian Agler (17%) finished second in terms of best Xs & Os coach.

- Bird got 17% of the votes as the active player who would make the best head coach someday.


Online ZenDoc said...

Kevin, you say to give the GM survey a full look, but I did not see a link to the survey anywhere. Did I miss it?

Kevin Pelton said...

Yes, that would help, wouldn't it?

Online ZenDoc said...

Kevin, thanks for adding the link to the survey. It's somewhat interesting, but probably too small a group to be very meaningful. I know there aren't that many teams in the WNBA, but maybe they could pool results from coaches, GM's, scouts, and possibly reporters to make it more interesting & statistically valid.