Wednesday, May 21, 2008 Checks in on the Storm

Lots of great content featuring the Storm coming from the last couple of days. We start with today's updated WNBA Power Rankings, which feature the Storm checking in at No. 2.

New coach Brian Agler must be simply delighted at the speed
with which his roster of stars is coming together.
Lauren Jackson took center stage in the "This or That" feature, forced to choose between two similar pop-culture or personal items. Lauren picked Sonics rookie Kevin Durant, while admitting she liked Greg Oden too, but what's with the answer on Don Johnson vs. Philip Michael Thomas?

"I don't know who either of them is, but I'll say Don Johnson."

Did Miami Vice not make it all the way to Australia, Lauren? We'll have to get you a DVD for next winter in Russia.

Last but surely not least, WNBA President Donna Orender blogged about her busy opening day, which saw her attend L.A.'s win at Phoenix before coming to Seattle to watch the Storm beat Chicago.

There was even a special moment at the end of the game when the Storm
brought their new owners into their winning postgame huddle. It was a fantastic
crowd and there was an outpouring of affection for Force 10 which parlayed its
force into keeping the Emerald City's beloved Storm.

UPDATE: Even more Storm content. Brian Martin takes a look at the team's pair of comebacks in the first two games of the season. If the Storm keeps it up, perhaps "Comeback Kids of the Cascades" will catch on.


Anonymous said...

hey kevin phx is coming up for seattle next. can you find out if sue and diana are going to do the blog this year?

Kevin Pelton said...

Sounds like no Buddy Blog this year.

Anonymous said...

too bad. i hope it was b/c the players were tired of it, and not b/c the league just didn't feel like running the feature anymore.