Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wild Game 3s

Hey, at least I predicted something right.

I said Sunday I expected some very competitive Game 3s after the mismatches that marked the first four days of WNBA Playoff action. That turned out to be a vast understatement, with two of the games going into overtime and the third decided with 0.5 seconds left. The last two days have been WNBA action at its finest.

While waiting for players to complete their exit interviews tomorrow at The Furtado Center, I'll be working on my preview of the two Conference Finals series, which I hope to have posted by day's end. Then again, after I correctly picked only one of the three First Round series - that being Detroit-New York, which, ahem, I did not see going three games and an extra five minutes before being decided - I'm not sure said preview will hold much value.

By the way ... if you're into semi-random WNBA stats (you know I am), Paul Swanson has some great numbers on his blog. Former Storm guard Tully Bevilaqua finished third in the WNBA, drawing 20 offensive fouls. In 2004 I made it my mission to track how many charges Tully drew, but I don't recall getting very far. Storm center Janell Burse drawing 16 offensive fouls in 29 games was more surprising and impressive.

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