Friday, August 17, 2007

Storm on

A couple of very good reads today on featuring the Storm. First, Sue Bird has updated her blog with Diana Taurasi, writing about a get-together at her house last night with Mama Palmer (that's Wendy's mother, not Wendy herself) cooking:

I was the host, Wendy's mom was the chef and we had pretty much everyone over. A couple of people couldn't make it but it was fun. We had the New York-Washington game on NBA TV and everyone was eating their "soul food." We had mac-and-cheese, pork chops, ribs, chicken casserole, pound cake for dessert and some banana pudding. We tore it up.

And then, of course, we finished off the night with a little Guitar Hero. Some of the older crowd left, but I have to admit, Izi was killing it. For her first time, the Brazilian has some moves on the guitar. It was fun to just hang out and we have a team that really likes each other and gets along so it was good to come together...
Also, has a Q&A with Storm Assistant Coach Heidi VanDerveer.

Q. What are your specific duties with the team?
VanDerveer: We split the scouting between Shelley and myself and I work primarily with the perimeter players and Shelley works with the post people and I watch our offense quite a bit and Shelley watches our defense quite a bit.

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