Friday, January 23, 2009

The Waiting Game

The most common question I get these days is for an update on the Storm and free agency. Honestly, I'm not quite sure what to say. As a team site, we're not in the rumor game (that need being filled in the W by the RebKell boards), and the coaching staff's perspective hasn't really changed since we last talked with Brian Agler a week and a half ago.

Besides last year, which seemed to bring the Storm a new All-Star every few weeks, this is fairly typical of a WNBA offseason. For any number of reasons - The fact that players are busy playing half a world away? The length of time until the start of the season? - the Hot Stove League tends to move at a relatively slow place in the WNBA. I suspect that is exacerbated to some extent this year as teams wait on the top players on the market to make up their minds before moving on to secondary options. So, for now, transactions flow in at a trickle, not a stream's pace.

Of course, just because moves are not being finalized does not mean there is not work being done behind the scenes. The Storm, like teams throughout the league, continues to talk with free agents and work through a variety of scenarios for putting together a 2009 roster. I suspect we'll have some news to offer sooner rather than later. For now, however, I preach patience.


Anonymous said...

I get the feeling some teams are waiting to see what Lauren and Tina Thompson do. Once they decide, it may be a domino effect with some other top free agents like Snow.

Anonymous said...

do you know if lj has given agler any sort of time frame for a decision? i'd really hate if she pulled a janell burse and waited til the last minute to let the fo know of her decision.

i understand that everyone is in the same waiting pattern for the lj decision (well, at least the storm and mercury), but if she goes she goes.

i just want her to give the fo a chance to re-tool the team via deals and drafts and not hand-cuff the fo with a last minute decision.