Thursday, January 8, 2009

One Year Ago Today

Off the top of my head, I'd have a tough time picking the biggest day in the history of the Seattle Storm franchise. (Advance warning: This might be a poll as part of our 10th Anniversary celebration.) Oct. 10, 2004 has to be up there, and I'll never forget Aug. 9, 2002 (when the Storm defeated Portland in a must-win game en route to the first playoff appearance in franchise history).

For all the great games and all the acquisitions, it would be hard to top Jan. 8, 2008. As we remember in This Date in Storm History, one year ago today was when the Storm announced the team's sale from The Professional Basketball Club, L.L.C. to Force 10 Hoops L.L.C., the group of four local businesswomen committed to keeping the Storm in Seattle. With the Sonics now playing in Oklahoma City, we know the alternative we avoided.

The ensuing 365 days - actually 366, since 2008 was a leap year - have been a thrilling ride, from Brian Agler putting together a star-studded roster to a franchise record of wins to beginning life as an independent, stand-alone franchise.

I'm curious to get your memories of Jan. 8, 2008 (mine are all positive except for accidentally failing to record an interview with all four owners after the press conference ... oops) and thoughts on the first year of Force 10 Hoops as an ownership group.


Sheila said...

01/08/08? One of the better days in recent history. I remember reading the news and being overjoyed that Force 10 had stepped up to save the Storm, glad that Clay Clay agreed to the sale rather than fold the team, and immensely proud of the fans whose passion for the Storm was instrumental in Force 10's decision to pursue the purchase.

Brian Jaybush said...

Until winning league titles becomes as old hat to the Storm as it is to, say, the Boston Celtics (and that day will come!), I believe you have to credit both 10/10/04 AND 1/8/08 as the definitive high spots on Storm history. The unmatched excitement and thrill of winning the Championship will remain forever in my memory: the roar of the crowd, the ticker tape, the feeling of elation. BUT, there is an equal, if more sublime joy that remains--and can't be replaced--from the day four brave women made the team now and for always OUR team, not the little-sister toy of some rich playboy.
I pray not to be forced to choose between the two events...because, a major satisfaction of keeping the team here is anticipating many more of the Championship thrills!