Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Personal Note

It pales in comparison to Yolanda Griffith and Lauren Jackson, but I'm pleased to pass along that the Storm has ensured that at least one free agent will be staying in Seattle - your humble blogger. In the wake of the Sonics move to Oklahoma City, I continued to cover the Storm as an employee of the Professional Basketball Club through the season, but today is my first day working for the standalone Storm.

I hope it's evident in my coverage how much the Storm means to me, and it was difficult to imagine not covering the team after its sale, even before the departure of the Sonics became reality. There are so many reasons that is the case, from a great group of coworkers to a team and a coaching staff that is fun to cover every day. Most of all, though, it's about you, the fans/readers. A sense of community exists in KeyArena (and, in a different way, on this site) that is unparalleled throughout professional sports. I'm privileged to play a small part in that unique relationship.

An upside of focusing on the Storm instead of dividing my attention between two teams is that we should be able to offer coverage throughout the offseason that expands upon what you've already come to expect from This year figures to be especially interesting as we lead up to the Storm's 10th Anniversary season. If you've got any idea for things you'd like to see, please leave them in the comments or pass them along via e-mail.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll continue to do so all winter long and into another great season of Storm basketball.


Anonymous said...

Yay, the 2009 season is already starting on a good note! Kevin, keep the Storm blogs a'coming, especially in the off-season so we can stay up-to-date on our ladies.

Anonymous said...

Yes, off season stuff including news on the key, what players are doing, links to watch Sue and LJ's team.

Thanks and congratulations on staying with the team and in Seattle.

StorMojo said...

Keep on bloggin'. I would like to stay updated on the Storm's off-season moves especially since next year the team will turn 10. I wasn't going to buy NBA Live '09 since Seattle no longer has an NBA team but ended up getting the game for the Wii because it does have WNBA players including Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin,

I just wanted to say thanks for keeping us all up to date with the Storm.

Kevin for Most Valuable Blogger! :)

Thanks again mate

Sue said...

Kevin, that is fantastic news! You're a tremendous asset not just to the Storm, but to the entire WNBA. We're lucky to have you!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kevin! It wouldn't seem like a Storm season without your excellent blogs and statistical analyses. If you ever do decide to leave, give me a heads up so I can send in my resume. ;-)

sheila said...

Kevin, great to hear you are going to remain a part of the family. I'd like to see an analysis of what the Storm needs to look at in the free agent market and the draft. And an analysis of the available free agents, how they would/wouldn't fit in the Storm system would be cool. Maybe track the top 15-20 college seniors, with an analysis of where their talents would fit best in the W. A stats for dummies discussion, I still get in over my head reading some of your explanations of data during the season. Inside funny stories (without throwing anyone completely under the bus) of individuals on the team. The story about Kelly in LA was cool. Just keep us posted and we'll be happy. How many days until opening night?

Anonymous said...

Oh one small request! Not sure if it's too much to ask for but would it be okay to post up webcasts whenever they're made available of Storm players in the euroleague?

I'm usually too impatient to navigate websites written in Russian to find out if webcasts are available

If not, i'll live with it - afterall, you keep us all updated with whats happening in the offseason anyway!

Thanks again Kevin, you legend.

Anonymous said...


This is great news! You are one of the best bloggers in the WNBA and have kept us abreast of the Storm's various moves. Having you onboard with the Storm's future is one step towards next year's championship! Thanks again for all the great insights you give us regularly into the behind the scenes action!


pt said...

Kevin, glad to read that you're staying in Seattle. You definitely have at least one reader here in Atlanta.

herky said...

G0 TEAM!.......GO SEATTLE STORM.......Kevin Pelton.......Yes!

Anonymous said...

Very pleased you are sticking around!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for staying with the Storm. Your posts are greatly appreciated and I look forward to all the offseason information and clips. Go Storm!