Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WNBA Conference Calls

As part of what the WNBA has branded "Welcome Back Week," the league held conference calls with several players and coaches from around the league, including the Storm's Brian Agler and Sue Bird. Here's Agler and the other coaches:

"All seven teams right now in the Western Conference have a legitimate shot and a strong chance to work themselves into the race. It’s interesting if you see the match-ups and how one game – even one you aren’t involved in - can impact how you play. Match-ups and tie-breakers could play a big impact in the placement of teams."
and Bird and her fellow players:

"2004 was similar with the Olympic break and the one thing I learned from that year is it’s actually more what you do before the break than what you do after. I don’t remember exactly the standings from that year back then but I know that we were in a very good spot…good enough where we actually lost five of our games after the break and we still were able to finish second. We know we have our work cut out for us, just like every other team. It’s going to be a fight but we did well prior to the break and hopefully we can get back to that level in these next few games and see what happens from there once we hopefully make the playoffs."

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