Tuesday, July 15, 2008

O'Neill Will Sign Third Seven-Day Contract

Quickly after practice. The release hasn't yet gone out, but the Storm will sign guard Kristen O'Neill to another seven-day contract after finding out from the league office today that there is no limit to the number of seven-day contracts for a player.

In the NBA, players are limited to two 10-day contracts, and that had been the assumption in the WNBA as well. I'm looking into whether this is a change with this year's new Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Coach Agler, show some leadership by stepping up and offering this young lady a job with a real contract. It's so "mamby-pamby" to keep dishing up these no commitment 7 day contracts to a player that has proved her desire to contribute, just so you have an easy out if someone else becomes available that you want more. Not fair to Kristen! She's a local and we want her on our team along with LJ, Sue, and the other stars.

Anonymous said...

Hey Coach,
I am so happy that you are the Seattle Storm Coach this year & I am also happy that Sue Bird & Lauren Jackson are still on the team & I am so happy that we have "O'Neill on the storm & I really hope that she is going to come back next year to play for the Seattle Storm because she is a very good Player but can you please let her play as long as Sue Bird & LJ play??

Go Seattle Storm
Go Sue & Lj