Monday, April 28, 2008

Wright's Team Falls Behind

Raanana Hertzeliya dropped Game 3 of the Israeli D1 Finals 81-69 to Elizur Ramla on Monday, giving Ramla a 2-1 lead in the best-of-five series.

By her MVP standards, Storm guard Tanisha Wright had an off night for Raanana, needing 19 shots to get her 20 points. Wright also handed out six assists and grabbed five boards but committed seven turnovers. Wright was the most consistent scoring threat for her team, which shot but 4-of-18 from three-point range. Meanwhile, Sherill Baker, Shay Doron and Michelle Snow combined for 60 points for Ramla.

Game 4 will be played Thursday at Ramla, and there is no margin for error for Raanana.

"Our backs are against the wall, lose and we go home," Wright told Safsal. "We’ve been in this situation before [Raanana trailed 2-0 in the semifinals], so the only thing that we can ask from ourselves is to go out and play the hardest that we can play. We’ve won there before so we know that we can win there. We gotta believe that."

If Raanana extends the series, Game 5 would be played next Monday. That's the latest Wright could wrap up her season and begin the process of getting back to Storm camp.

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