Friday, April 25, 2008

Live From Practice 4/24

We're into practice for the day and the Storm is going 5-on-5 against the practice squad. On the court right now are Kimberly Beck and Katie Gearlds in the backcourt, Sheryl Swoopes and Shyra Ely at forward and Yolanda Griffith in the middle.

- One of the things we've stressed during camp is Coach Agler's tendency to teach during the course of scrimmages and drills. A lot of that is about the way to read screens, which is a key to Agler's motion offense. That will be something to watch over the course of the season.

- For the first time that we've seen in camp, Kristen O'Neill is running the point right now. At 6-1, she offers a very different look at the position. However, there is an adjustment to be made to the kind of defensive pressure point guards face in the WNBA.

- The team just spent some time going over a play which ends with Swoopes posting up. When she's at shooting guard and working against smaller defenders, that could be a very productive play for the Storm. After showing some rust on her shot in Tuesday's practice, Swoopes has looked very good the last two days we've seen.

- Swoopes' son Jordan is in town and watching practice. Well, sort of. Jordan said he was headed to watch TV before deciding to shoot hoops on the far court.

That wraps us up for the day.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see Kris got a chance at he point - her best spot... hoping she does well,,, She deserves it.