Sunday, April 27, 2008

Doma Update

One of our comments the other day asked for an update on invitee Natalie Doma, the undrafted rookie center out of Idaho State University. When I went to talk to Doma on Friday, I wasn't alone, with Tim Flagstad of the Idaho State Journal coming out to do an update on the ISU legend. Here's his story that discusses how Doma is enjoying camp.

''Right now, I'm just gaining experience with being in training camp, getting a
foot in the door,'' she said. ''The coaches have seen what I can do, and I just
gotta go out and work hard and put the extra time in and learn. As a rookie,
that's what you've gotta do unless you're a first-round draft pick who's
guaranteed a spot.''
It didn't make the article(Actually, Swoopes' comment was in there on second reading), but both Head Coach Brian Agler and Sheryl Swoopes talked about Doma's ability to stretch the floor as a post player. She's competed despite facing an immense leap in competition and athleticism from playing in the Big Sky to competing against Yolanda Griffith in practice.

Doma is from nearby Victoria, B.C. and said there wasn't much in the way of WNBA coverage north of the border growing up. (Maybe that would change with a franchise in Toronto?)

"I went to Seattle once and watched a Storm game when I was in elementary school," she said, "but that was it."

Another B.C. native who made the WNBA, Sacramento's Kim Smith, was something of a role model for Doma, as was Phoenix Suns star Steve Nash.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see that Kristen O' Neill is still hanging in ther. All of her teammates in University of Limerick, Ireland are rooting for her.. Hpefully she will have the luck of the irish!!!

Anonymous said...

Over the past 12-13 months, Doma had great stats against the likes of Stanford, Texas Tech, UCLA, and Oregon State (averaged over 20 points and double-digit in rebounds). She played in the Big Sky, but she still peformed very well against the Big 12 and Pac-10 opponents.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Doma had a terrific college career -- despite playing in the lesser known Big Sky Conference (which she totally dominated over her four years there)she gained national recognition ( top 3 in the nation in points scored and rebounds per game)and was a standout and force against Pac 10 and Big 12 opponents(UCLA, Stanford, Oregon State , Texas Tech )-- she has a tremendous heart and work ethic and has big time potential -- the Storm should keep their eyes on the future and build it with players of Doma's potential .