Monday, December 31, 2007

Storm New Year's Resolutions

Let's see ... hire a new coach ... no, not the Storm as a team. In addition to getting holiday memories, we also asked Storm players about their New Year's resolutions. With the final sand pouring out of 2007's hourglass, it's time to share.

Ashley Robinson:
My best memories in life are when I lived life freely and chose to make each day a great day. So my New Year's resolution is to make as many memories as I can. Oh! And to learn Spanish because the Spainards [Robinson is playing for Hondarribia in Irun, Spain] do not understand anything I say over here. Even the ones that speak English can't understand "Southern" English. I feel like Charlie Brown's mom: "WOOMP WOOMP WOOMP WOOMP WOOMP WOOMP!!" LOL!

Janell Burse:
To be a better Christian!!!!!

Sue Bird is a not believer. We asked how she did on her 2007 resolutions and she answered, "I'm terrible at it so I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. :)"

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