Monday, July 30, 2007

MRI for LJ; JB Still Day-to-Day

Plenty of news at Monday's afternoon's relatively light practice session.

- Lauren Jackson sat out the practice and will undergo an MRI on her troublesome right knee.

"Her knee's been bothering her for quite a while, so it's a concern," said Storm Head Coach Anne Donovan. "Everybody's got something this year, Seattle and other teams."

Jackson has been experiencing swelling in the back of the knee. The winner of her record-tying fourth Western Conference Player of the Week award, Jackson should know the results of the MRI tomorrow.

- We got an update from Janell Burse on her condition. As we've been reporting, because there is no real potential for further damage, the key is how painful Burse's left wrist becomes.

"If I can just keep my level of pain under control, hopefully I'll be able to play with it a little bit, but every day that goes it gets a little bit more sore," she said. "Hopefully I can get a little rest with it when I can and play with it."

Apparently the pain isn't quite as bad during games as it is afterwards and off the court. Burse alluded to being woken up during the night by throbbing in her wrist. It will be hard for her to deal with that for an extended period.

"I'm a basketball player, but I'm a person first," said Burse. "I can only deal with so much as far as pain level goes and how comfortable or uncomfortable I am. Hopefully in these next few days until the end of the season, I can try to do things that make me more comfortable where I'm not in as much pain as I am right now."

Aside from rest and playing through the pain, Burse's other options would be putting the wrist in a hard cast to promote healing or having surgery. Surgery would require a 4-6-week recovery and certainly end her season; she wasn't sure of the timeline with a hard cast, but it probably would be a quicker timeframe than surgery.

- As you may have seen, Doneeka Lewis has been signed for the remainder of the season after the conclusion of her second seven-day contract. WNBA teams can only sign a player to two seven-day contracts.

"She gives us flexibility," Donovan said. "Should something happen to Sue, T or Betty, she gives us a strong, athletic guard that can step in there."

- Betty Lennox did not practice, with Donovan opting to give her a day of rest due to fatigue.

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