Saturday, June 23, 2007

Title IX Anniversary

Speaking of Mechelle Voepel ... she also has an excellent column today on the 35th anniversary of Title IX, the legislation mandating equal opportunities for women that is, ultimately, responsible for me writing about the WNBA and you reading about it.

"For me, there was a very clear example," Storm Head Coach Anne Donovan told Voepel of Title IX's impact. "I was the youngest of the five girls in my family, and my older sisters were all good basketball players. But I was the only one who benefited from it.

"It is our responsibility to continue to talk about Title IX, and make sure our younger players are aware of it."


Anonymous said...

Is there any place in particular that compiles the offensive eff and defensive eff ratings throughout the year that you sometimes reference in previews? Great stats.

Kevin Pelton said...

Really, this blog is about it. I've posted them a couple of times and will try to do so on a weekly basis, but I calculate them myself.