Monday, June 4, 2007

Bird, Jackson Miss Storm's Practice

The Storm practiced Monday without All-Stars Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson. Bird did go through some 5-on-0 dummy offense early in the practice, but was scheduled to sit out later. Instead, she went to the doctor when a spot opened up to have her left knee examined. She has experienced some swelling in the knee.

"She was limping," when she practiced, said Storm Head Coach Anne Donovan. Bird had previously sat out Sunday's practice because of a right quad contusion suffered late in Saturday's loss to San Antonio.

Jackson was at practice, but feeling under the weather.

"Don't know what it is, but she's not feeling well," said Donovan.

The Storm will have tomorrow off and will use Wednesday's practice to prepare for Thursday's game with Sacramento.


Robert said...

I hope they play in Sacramento who just lost Demya for the remainder of the season.

Anonymous said...

and on this note...we have GOT TO get a quality back up for Sue Bird! I'm so sick and tired of hearing about Tanisha Wright and her 3 years of good camps. She's never going to produce anything but turnovers for this team. There has got to be somebody out FRANCESCA ZARA...who we can count on to keep the ball moving and getting some quality scoring with Bird on the bench. And one more thing..Anne is doing a horrible job with Katie Gearlds' career thus far. I know she has struggled with her shot, but I also have watched her miss her first 4 or 5 before hitting on her final 12 of 15. Please give her more time on the floor. I'm tired of this terrible bench production!

norwester said...

Anne Donovan does not have a history of nurturing rookies. She has long been an outspoken advocate of veterans. That may have nixed Barb Turner as much as size. I hope Katie can get the teaching she needs. It's still early in the season to really have control of rotations.