Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sue Blogs

Hope you're keeping up with Sue Bird's co-authored blog (with former UConn teammate and close friend Diana Taurasi) on

In addition to talking about Taurasi's two-game suspension, her bowling skills and her new video-game fave, Sue also comments on the state of the Storm (as of Monday):

"I think we've gotten back on the right path. We lost a tough one in Minnesota, but the way we played was great, then we got a big win in L.A. and L.J. dropped 35 points. We have eight games before All-Star, a crazy schedule, and if we can pull this together, then last week was just a bump in the road."

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Anonymous said...

As a Charter Fan, it is great to see the Storm come together and play the way we know they can. It always saddens us when the Storm's energy and play-making drops off in the last half or quarter. The bench has some promise, but Tenisha needs not to try and be a one woman wrecking crew. BBall is a team sport. We're behind the Strom 100% and want them to do as well as they can - despite the uncertainty about OK, play to win it all.