Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Storm in the News

In case you've yet to see it, I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of a resource we're providing on - our new "In the News" page, which collects links from local sources and around the country covering your Seattle Storm. It's a great archive for past article as well as a chance to see what's being said each day.

While on the subject, I wanted to point you in the direction of a few news stories and blog posts, in case you hadn't seen them.

- This morning, the WNBA released its leaderboard in terms of jersey sales. Storm guard Sue Bird ranked fourth on the list, which counted from last October through this April. The Storm ranks fourth in terms of most popular merchandise.

- The Seattle Times continues to deliver excellent daily Storm coverage. Last week, columnist Jerry Brewer wrote about how life is different for the Storm now as an independent franchise and the opportunities this has provided. I also enjoyed beat writer Jayda Evans' look at the long-running rivalry between Storm rookie Ashley Walker and Sacramento center Courtney Paris (and Paris' twin sister Ashley, who plays for L.A.).

- You should know Patrick Sheehy from his Chasing the Title Storm blog. He's writing this season for, and at media day decided to focus on the newcomers to the Storm and learn a little bit more about them.

- No WNBA blog is more thought-provoking than Rethinking Basketball, which is back in our blogroll after an offseason hiatus. Author Q was at the Key for last week's preseason titlt against Sacramento and has a detailed take on the action on the floor as well as the atmosphere.

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