Monday, May 11, 2009

Bryant's Job Shadow

Last December, we blogged about Breanna Leonard, the eighth-grader from Kent, Wash. who wrote an essay about why Storm CEO Karen Bryant was a role model to her as part of the Macy’s Follow A Leader essay contest. Amongst other prizes, Leonard won the chance to spend a day with Bryant learning more about her job. She was in the Storm offices last month just prior to the WNBA Draft, and wrote about the experience:

To start off the day, we went to Karen Bryant’s office and talked about each of the job positions within the organization. We also talked about the draft and other things pertaining to her position at the Seattle Storm Headquarters. Then, we went into the meeting room. While we were there, Ms. Bryant had meetings with two of her staff members. I learned that she has meetings every day with different people from her staff and one meeting with all of her staff once a week.

The meetings during the week are set up by the staff and they come to Ms. Bryant to check in and show what they are working on. I thought that was really interesting that the staff sets up the meetings. Also, during the meetings I learned about Lauren Jackson and got to see the video they sent to her, trying to convince her to come back to the Seattle Storm. I thought the video was a really good way of telling Lauren Jackson that she is special and means a lot to the team.

After the staff meetings, we went to the Interbay Neighborhood Association meeting to hear different businesses talk about how they can help each other. While we were at this meeting, Ms. Bryant gave a 15-minute speech about the Seattle Storm. During this meeting, she surprised me with my very own Seattle Storm jersey. This by far was the best part of the day because I had no idea she was going to do this, and I thought it was really kind of her to make me a part of her team.

Finally, to end the day we went to eat lunch at Red Mill Burgers and it was delicious! Overall, I learned a lot about how things work at the Storm and I’m glad I had the chance to job shadow Ms. Bryant.

Go Seattle Storm! :)

- Breanna Leonard
For more on Breanna's day with Karen Bryant, check out this article in the Kent Reporter newspaper.

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