Friday, March 20, 2009

Mailbag: Russian Schedule

Jim writes to ask:

With so much angst surrounding Lauren Jackson's decision, many people including myself, search the web every day for positive signs. However the reality is that Lauren most likely won't say anything until after her stint in Russia has concluded. Therefore, do you know when that will be? Is it soon or are there several weeks left in the postseason?
As I wrote earlier this week, the Russian Superleague playoffs are just about to begin, with Spartak hosting Kursk Dynamo on Monday in Game 1. That is a quarterfinal matchup, with two more rounds to play. The first game of the final series is April 20, and the last possible date if the series goes the distance is April 28. The Storm and Jackson (and her agent) will continue to have dialogue until she's ready to make a decision, whether or not that comes at the end of the Russian season.

Thanks for the question, and remember you can send any questions to, though naturally there are some limitations in terms of what we can answer. "Who will the Storm pick in the draft," for example, might not get a real specific response.

Also, a reminder that the Women's NCAA Tournament tips off tomorrow, but there's still some time left to join our pool.

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