Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cash Discusses Back Surgery

Storm forward Swin Cash, who underwent back surgery on Monday, discussed the procedure and her rehabilitation schedule yesterday with's Brian Martin. Before you go read the whole thing, here's an excerpt: You mentioned on your site that this has “been a long time coming.” How much of a relief is it to finally have this done?

Cash: It’s the biggest relief. You can’t even really imagine it. I didn’t realize for how long and for how many years now that I’ve been trying to play through injuries and show that you’re tough enough and that you’re there for your team. Whenever you do that, a lot of times you basically lose yourself, and I think that’s what happened to me for so many years. I made excuses of why not to have it done and feeling like I had to be there for my team, or I couldn’t take off time, or I just needed to rehab and do it a different way instead of following my own heart.

It really just feels like a burden is lifted right now and it feels like I’ll be able to train as hard as I need to train to get back on top of my game. For the last few years it feels like I’ve been rehabbing more than I have been training. And as you know with basketball, the skill level is becoming so great in this league from all of the girls in college coming to the WNBA. It’s so competitive; you have to be able to train and work out in order to get better.

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