Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Levinson on KPLU

Force 10 Hoops L.L.C. Chairperson Anne Levinson appeared yesterday on KPLU with Gary Davis. Take a listen online to the archived audio of the interview. (HT: RebKell and Stever)

Force 10 also pops up in Seattleite Jim Caple's piece for ESPN.com Outside the Lines on the year that was in Seattle sports, with the Storm singled out as a bright spot: "Before (Clayton) Bennett moved the Sonics to Oklahoma, he sold the Storm to local businesswomen who are committed to keeping the team here."

Caple tells the city's story using Lorin "Big Lo" Sandritzky, aka Seattle's Biggest Sports Fan, who describes the Storm as behind only the Seahawks in his heart with the departure of the Sonics. It's a must-read, even if the year's events aren't something we want to rehash, and it ends on an optimistic note.

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