Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Traditions

On behalf of the entire Storm organization, a Happy Holidays to you and yours. Hopefully everyone in the Seattle area has made it safely through our atypically snowy holiday season.

Storm players shared with us a few of their traditions as well as what Sue Bird has learned about Christmas in Russia during her time spent playing overseas. Also see's look at how WNBA players, including the Storm's Swin Cash, are celebrating.

Ashley Robinson:
"My family is pretty normal. We just go over to someone's house to eat and exchange gifts. If there is a Cowboy game on we are usually shouting at the TV. That's about it. Get together, give gifts, and STUFF OUR FACES!"

Camille Little:
"At home in North Carolina, I have lots of fun memories. As a young girl, I always woke up really early on Xmas morning and my parents would be upset, so they told us one year we couldn't get up earlier than 8 a.m. To make sure I stayed in my room until then, my Mom hung a bell on the door knob of my bedroom so she could hear if I opened the door.

"On Xmas morning we put on Christmas music, and start opening presents. After all the presents are opened, we start cooking breakfast. We always have a big breakfast and all our family & friends are invited. We have pancakes, bacon, grits, eggs, sausage, biscuits, orange juice, coffee, the works! One year there were so many people we had to rent a room at a recreation center to fit us all."

"Christmas is different here. They open gifts at the strike of midnight on New Year's Day. Their santa is blue and they call him "Grandpa Claus." And with their religion and calendar, Christmas is on Jan. 7."

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