Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tragic News for Seattle Sports Fans

Like so many others in the Seattle sports scene, I was saddened and horrified to hear of the death of Ed McMichael, better known as "Tuba Man." McMichael passed away Monday from injuries suffered when he was beaten and mugged on Oct. 25. As he was at sports venues and other locations throughout the city, McMichael was a fixture outside KeyArena. When I was attending games as a fan, the night wasn't complete without seeing McMichael and hearing his repetotire of songs as well as a gravelly, "Go Sonics!"

Already, a memorial fund has been set up for McMichael. You can find details here. Also, one local musician plans to honor McMichael by playing outside McCaw Hall Saturday morning. Stay tuned for more, including how McMichael is honored at the Key.

Here's a pair of moving columns from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on what McMichael meant to local sports fans, one from Robert Jamieson and one from Art Thiel.

RIP Tuba Man. The Seattle sports scene won't be the same without you.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kevin, You are right it is a sad day for Seattle sports fans.
This Guy was Awesome always a Smile and Goofy hat. I know the Storm games wont be the same.
Rest in Peace Tuba Man