Monday, November 24, 2008

Robinson Diary: Interning in Dallas

Hey y'all! Sorry it has taken me so long to write. I have been pretty busy this offseason. So, let me get you all caught up on what I’ve been up to. …

I decided to stay in the U.S. of A. and not go play in Europe this offseason. I am home in Grand Prairie, Texas. This is my first time being home for longer than two months since I left to go to college in 2000. I am taking advantage of this time to just be here. My little sister, Katrina, and I hang out at least three days a week. I think that’s my favorite part about being home. We have a blast together. I think she needs to move to Seattle this summer with me. I don’t how she will feel about leaving the South for the Northwest! I’ll try to talk her into it.

Other than hanging with Trina, I’ve been doing an internship with the Dallas Mavs Broadcasting Department. I am having a ball. I cannot believe all that goes into having professional basketball games broadcast on TV. When you are playing you don’t really think about it. I just come to the gym, get dressed, warm up, listen to coach and then go play. So, thank you Seattle Storm Broadcast Team! :) My boss lady with the Mavs is Anita Green, AG for short. I heard rumors that she used to be a scary boss! She has been quite lovely! Love, love, love AG! (A little brown nosing never hurt anybody!) LOL!

My favorite days to work are game nights. Every game I work I get to observe and learn from different people doing their job. Y'all know I have no problem meeting new people, so this is right up my alley. Last week I observed the NBA Loggers. I had great teachers in Damien and Darryl. I logged the fourth quarter of the Cavaliers game and the second half of the Spurs game.

This week, I had to work the Lakers game, but not for the Mavs. I was a runner for the Lakers' Broadcast team. A runner means that I do all the leg work in the arena for that particular team - make copies, get water, bring stats and whatever else the producer needs. I kind of felt like their secretary for the day. HA! LUCKY ME, THOUGH! I got to meet the Lakers announcers, also. I got way excited when I shook the hands of Stu Lantz and Joel Meyers! EXCITING! That was a fun day on the job. I went and peeked in on the interview with Phil Jackson also. Could not miss that! If you didn’t know already, he is so tall! I’m always amazed when someone can make me feel short.

The Mavs have great analysts as well. I’m looking forward to shadowing as many of them as they will let me. Rolando Blackman is one of the Fox analysts for the Mavs. I am super excited to learn from him. Seattle fans that do not know Ro Blackman, please go look him up. I’ve always been a Mavs Fan and he is one of our legends! I was also thinking … since the Sonics are gone, I say all Seattle bball fans just become Storm and Mavs Fans! LOL! Still can wear green!

The most exciting thing I’ve done while being home was going to the Mayor’s Gala. I was so happy to be able to dress up. I went with some of my infamous guy friends from grade school - BJ, Marcus, Brent and Doc. We had a great time. I got to meet the Mayor of Dallas, Tom Leppert. With all the election hoopla this year I’ve been feeling all political. LOL. I came in contact with people that I normally wouldn’t brush shoulders with. It was so inspiring being around a group of successful people. I felt so grown up.

All the Storms (hehe) that I have spoken with are doing well. Balling! Every time I talk to one of them they had 20+ points and 10+ boards. I probably talk to Shyra and T the most. Shyra’s team beat someone by 103 without her. Her coach told her to rest that game. Ha! 103 POINTS! WOW! I haven’t spoken with Kelly, Kristen or Swin! I’m sure they are doing just as well as the rest of my teammates.

To all the girls, Lola (my toy fox terrier) is doing just fine. She gets treated like my mom’s first grandchild. It’s hilarious. If it was up to my mom we would carry Lola everywhere we went. She has taken over my whole family, pretty much. She’s had some sleepover requests; I wasn’t invited. LOL! She is one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever been around so I can’t blame them. She gets it from her Mama!

Well y'all, that’s all I have for now. I’m going to go enjoy this warm Texas weather and make my way to 24-Hour Fitness so I can get a membership. I have to work off these home-cooked meals Kathleen Robinson, my mama, has been whipping up!



bjaybush said...

Hey, ARob, cool idea about Seattle fans supporting the Mavs, since Dallas was one of the few (two?) votes AGAINST moving the Sonics to Oklahoma. I think we should all have a warm spot in our hearts for the Dallas team and its owners!

Denise said...

Hey ARob,
Good to hear from you! I am glad things are working so well for you off season.

It's fall season here, my daughter has your number again and for the next four years too. She was so excited. We are both looking forward to this summer.

Enjoy the rest of your time in Dallas.

Johnny & Lily G said...

Hey Ash welcome home, hope to catch you while you are in town.

weirdwoods said...

Hi Arob,

We miss you up here in the rain. I heard when reupping my season tickets that you were down in Texas. Glad you are having fun. I sank a half court shot while shooting around at the Key. I hope you are working on your rebounding skills while you are down there. I still think you are going to be a big force in the WNBA.

Thanks for signing my shirt and the picture at the Storm party. I think you know who I am.

I was going to suggest that you watch old films of Dennis Rodman. The spurs should have some. Ignore the dye jobs and the off court crap but he had some of the best rebounding techniques ever.

Please please please resign with the Storm. We love you.

weird woods

BELIEVER13 said...

Hey A-ROB! Good to hear from you! Also, how awesome to be a part of one of the NBA's best francises this off-season. ig change from going over seas huh? My aunt is a big fan of DIRK NOWITSKI so would you mind getting his autograph for her?? Lol, can't wait for another season of STORM BASKETBALL! Until next time, from Yakima, WA...