Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Overseas Update 2/19

Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird's next game is Feb. 22 in a Russian SuperLeague matchup of their team, Spartak (Moscow) against Dynamo-Energiya (Novosibirsk). Spartak will look to keep pace with CSKA (Moscow), who remains first in the league. Dynamo-Energiya (Novosibirsk) is in sixth place in the Russian SuperLeague with a record of 9-7.

Doneeka Lewis and her team, Fiera di Roma Pomezia of the LegA Basket Femminile played Feb. 13 against Carispe La Spezia. Fiera di Roma Pomezia won 62-57. Lewis had 13 points, six rebounds and two assists in 28 minutes.

Fiera di Roma Pomezia played again on Feb. 17 against Germano Zama Faenza and won 67-55. Lewis was the leading scorer for Fiera di Roma, with 19 points. She also had five rebounds and two assists in 34 minutes.

Up next for Lewis and Fiera di Roma Pomezia is a matchup against Phard Napoli, Astou Ndiaye-Diatta's team in the LegA Basket Femminile League on Feb. 24. Should be a great matchup with both of the Storm player's reuniting on the same court overseas.

On Feb. 13, Ndiaye-Diatta and Phard Napoli beat Banko di Sicilia Ribera 87-70. In 16 minutes, Ndiaye-Diatta had two points and five rebounds. On Feb. 17, Phard Napoli lost to Gescom Viterbo 64-78. She led her team with 10 rebounds. She also had six points and two assists in 25 minutes.

USK Praha, Janell Burse's team of the Czech Basketball League played Gambrinus, who was a head of them in the standings. Gambinus won 91-76 and improved their flawless record to 16-0. In 40 minutes, Burse had 11 points and five rebounds. USK Praha plays again on Feb. 23 against Hradec Kralove, who has a record of 10-7. USK Praha will try to keep pace with Gambrinus who now has a two game lead in the standings.

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