Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Durant the WNBA Fan - Part II

NBA All-Star Weekend activities are already underway in New Orleans and, as always, the WNBA will play a big role in the weekend with several players active in the community. is on the scene with tons of coverage. Storm free-agent forward Shyra Ely is scheduled to be in New Orleans; her internship with T-Mobile this off-season had her focusing on the company's All-Star marketing.

One of the interesting things about this weekend is the interaction between stars of the NBA and WNBA. A while back, I blogged about Sonics rookie Kevin Durant (who will be in NO for the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam) attending Mystics games in his native Washington, D.C. Jayda Evans of the Seattle Times picked up on the Mystics angle and asked Durant more about the WNBA.

I happened to be in the locker room when the interview was conducted, and was stunned at what kind of a fan Durant is - especially when he corrected Evans on how many points Lauren Jackson scored against the Mystics last July.

The results made their way into the Times' "KD Up Close" section and they are more than worth a look. Scroll down to the Jan. 14 entry for what Durant likes about the game and which female player (though not yet a WNBA player) he'd like to go up against one-on-one.

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